My name is Simon Charette and I’ve been growing mushrooms since 2006, a little bit before I started studying at the professional cooking school L’école hôtelière des Laurentides.

A few month after I graduated, I started working full time as a cook in restaurents and hotels. I quickly saw the potential of selling fresh mushrooms to my chefs: the price per pound was quite high, but the quality of the mushrooms we bought was really bad. There was a business opportunity standing right in front of me there.

As I started to have good success rate with oyster mushrooms, I decided to make a big batch and bring samples to my boss. He liked it… and asked for more.

This simple thing TOTALLY changed my life. From now on,  I had the power to turn simple ingredients into profits.


This is the original oyster cluster I grew that changed my life!

Growing for profits

For the following years, I tried several growing techniques and learned the basics of building a business. I grew and sold fresh mushrooms with the intention of building my own mushroom farm someday.

What I didn’t knew at the time, is that I was defining own mushroom farming style!

Growing comercially, at home

As I was just starting out, I had no time, no budget and no space to really start a farm. So, I grew mushrooms in my appartement!

If you never grew mushrooms before, don’t worry, there was absolutely no smell and all the growing was made in plastic tubs; so there was no excess humidity in the house, at all.

Teaching how to grow mushrooms

I had the idea to make this website in class in 2007. I wanted to teach how to grow mushrooms online to other cooks and mushroom hunters. So I first started, trying to build a french forum with a few tutorials on growing techniques. It took me so much time figure out how to build website that the “company” ended up evolving to the point where me and Francis Poirier wanted to start a mushroom farm together, instead of teaching how to grow mushrooms online.

Selling mushroom kits instead

Then we officially funded Champi in 2012, with another of my good friend Jérémie Fournelle, with the idea to sell live mushroom growing kits. The original teaching project was gone and the company started making sales.

2 years later the company is still there, and our catalogue growed a lot. We now sell more than 15 products locally and online!

But something inside me wanted to get back to the original project.

Back to teaching, for good!

In 2014, I had this urge to start to teach again and I started to work toward building with the idea of featuring the work of other growers like me, who make money growing mushrooms, syringes and kits!

So, here we are now, thanks to be there with me!

See you soon,


Simon Charette